In early January 2018, I entered Abertay University's 3rd 'Serious Game Jam'.  This jam was for University of St Andrews, and the brief was to make a 'Cooking Mama' styled game for their first year Chemistry students.  Going for a more 'Overcooked' styled game, this is the lab I created.
The client gave us several photographs and a video of the lab.  I took it upon myself to replicate their lab as closely as possible while still making it practical for our game.  Ultimately, I think it paid off as the client really loved it.  Our team, named 'The Alchemy Balcony', were 1 of the 3 winners of the jam, with the final 3 games going into a kind of final round of judging.
All models are created and rendered in Magica Voxel.

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